Take a lawyer and a financial consultant who want to change their lives, take a nice place built around a casemate – as those small towers used during the war are called – take a almost obsessive passion for fresh and zero km products, and here is the Restaurant Pizzeria Casamatta di Noto.
Since 2015 we have been delighting our guests with special dishes, from appetizers to first courses, from second courses to desserts, passing through gourmet pizzas and a thousand other specialties.
Da noi, davvero Land Land sea chase each other in search of the flavors and aromas of the island.
The pizzeria Restaurant CasaMatta in Noto is recognized, in the local panorama, for its good cuisine and for having brought a new approach to the concept of pizza, where the flavor of the kingdom of the two Sicilies is found in the Neapolitan volume, the so-called pizza with the cornice, and in the flavor of the ancient Sicilian grainsand cereals (tummilia, russello, perciasacchi and margherito, as well as rye, barley and oats). It is no coincidence that the magazine “Dissapore” has selected the Casamatta pizza among the 16 best non-Campania pizzerias.
The condiments, mostly from the Mediterranean and Ionian area, follow seasonality. In casamatta you will find only precious specialties, from appetizers such as carpaccio di red prawn from Mazara, buffalo stracciataand pesto first courses such as the Mediterranean fish raviolicreamed with chives or spaghetti al cuttlefish ink and sea urchin pulp, from the fillet of sea bream in pistachio crust, crunchy vegetables and tomato jam, with beef medallion, Sicilian caponata and summer truffle caviar.
At the end, a dessert completes this experience: choose between cannolo cornucopia, cow’s milk ricotta and almond ice cream, or almond blancmange, crunchy almond and short of muscat, or even the creamy pistachio, chocolate and orange crumble.
We are waiting for you in Via Tommaso Fazello 23 Noto
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